The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2023 include 29 Pakistani universities, which is a positive development. The top-ranked university in Pakistan is Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), according to the 2023 World University Rankings. The University of Management and Technology and Government College University (GCU) Faisalabad are the institutions that come after QAU.

Additionally, the 2023 rankings have given 24 Pakistani institutions the designation of “reporter.” They met THE’s eligibility requirements to be given a rank on the 2023 list, but they did not submit the necessary data for review. The 2023 edition of THE World University Rankings features 1,799 institutions from 104 nations, making it the largest and most diversified edition ever.

13 performance factors are used by World University Rankings to assess an institution’s success in four areas: instruction, research, knowledge transfer, and global perspective. For the seventh year in a row, Oxford University has been ranked highest overall.

With seven universities, the US is the nation with the highest representation in the top 10 of the 2023 rankings. The United States is the most well-represented nation in the rankings for 2023 with 177 universities.

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