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Why large eyes are important for beauty:

Eyes make us even more beautiful, it doesn’t matter if your eyes are small or small. Always remember that you are beautiful, and you do not need any make-up. All you need is a little cloud, like if your eyes are a little small, but if you make your eyelids a little thicker, it will enhance your beauty even more, or if your eyebrows are in almond shape, then a little bit. Wealthy eyebrows can help you make it even more beautiful.

Tricks that make eyes larger:

There are so many types it’s hard to say. So let us know some of the best tricks that will help you to beautify your eyes.

It is very important for the eyelids to be thick and beautiful, because those whose eyelids are rich and beautiful, even if their eyes are small, they still look beautiful.

Eyelash Enhancement methods / remedies:

Willow Oil (olive oil):

Willow oil is very useful for enlarging the lashes, and I totally agree with this, I use it before going to bed at night to beautify my lashes, it has a very strong effect in the cold season. Is . To apply it, apply a little ointment at night before going to bed and apply it on the eyelids above your eyes. This will help you to increase the lashes as well as reduce the darkness of your eyes.

Castor oil (castor oil):

Castor oil is very beneficial for our hair follicles. It covers the inside of the eyes which not only makes your eyes look beautiful but also increases its light. If you apply it on your eyelids, make your eyelids rich and beautiful; apply it on your eyelids with light hands with the help of attitude.

Removing makeup at night:

It is very important to remove eye makeup before going to bed at night. If you have mascara on your eyes, you must clean it with makeup remover before going to bed. It is very full which is not good for the eyes of people whose eyes get irritated by putting it on standby. Before you go to bed at night, clean it with make-up remover or clean water and then massage it on the affected eyes with Vali V oil.

Petroleum gel:

It is very effective in growing eyelids. You should apply Aceline Gel on your eyelids before going to bed at night, apply it on your eyelids daily, your eyelids will gradually get richer, and beautiful.

Green Tea:

Green tea is very good for health. In order to make it standby, you have to make it always without sugar and then apply it on your eyelids with the help of attitude. This will help in the growth of your lashes.

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