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What is constipation & why it happens?

Constipation is called the mother of all diseases and most of us suffer from this disease. Especially children and they are ashamed to tell their parents. If left untreated, it can lead to more diseases.

Immediate and home remedies for constipation:

Parents should keep an eye on their children if they are spending too much time in the washroom, if there is any problem with asking them, maybe they are suffering from this disease and they are ashamed to tell.

Mash Hur Herbalist in Zell and Dr. Belquis, who is dear to every heart, this is a prescription that if taken in the amount of a small pill after daily meal, one can get rid of this chronic constipation very soon.


  • Injeer.
  • Sanna Makki.
  • Choti Harad.
  • Munaqqa bagher beej ke

Method of preparation :

We weigh and grind all the ingredients. Glue this paste as if by hand. Make small tablets of it and keep it.

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