Lahore: Pakistan’s leading actress Mishi Khan offered Aamir Liaquat a ticket to leave the country. In a video message on the social networking website Instagram, actress Mishi Khan said

Aamir Liaquat starts his flop-most acting by turning on the camera every day, sometimes crying and sometimes saying That I am leaving Pakistan, so I want to ask when are you going? If there is a ticket problem, we all get your one-way ticket together so that you can go and relax there, get your brain treated.

Mishi Khan

In a message in his video, Mishi Khan addressed Aamir Liaquat and said, “This pride of yours has drowned you, it is also redemption, remember the day when you said what you said about Junaid Jamshed’s mother on air, I heard that and thought what this man has said, and Junaid Jamshed is a good man. He had only said that this had hurt him and his family a lot and later he died.

The actress said that Allah should not say that if you had said this about my mother, I would have cleaned your health and broken your face, Junaid Jamshed was a good man who he did not say anything to you, now leave here and stop washing your cry, the head of pride is low, it is too late now.

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