(project of posted a helpful educational article for students of 9th class which is “9th Class English Guess Paper 2023 | 9th English New Guess Paper 2023”. Students doing 9th Class face big difficulty while preparation of 9th Class English. brings you the easiest way to prepare 9th English all important questions with help of this guess paper from which students can save their time and will able to prepare 9th Class English very fast.

9th English (Subjective Guess):


Question #2: CHAPTER NO. 2,3,4,6,10,11


Question #3: Translation Paragraphs

  • Chapter NO.1:- Paragraph No. 3
  • Chapter No.2:- Paragraph No.23
  • Chapter No.6:- Paragraph No.1,4,5
  • Chapter No.7:- Paragraph No. 2,5
  • Chapter No.9:- Paragraph No.7,10
  • Chapter No.10:- Paragraph No.3,6
  • Chapter No.11:- Paragraph No.8
  • Chapter No.12:- Paragraph No.2,9,10

Question #4: Write a Summary:

  • Group-1: Daffodils (Expected)
  • Group-2: Stopping by wood (Expected)

9th English (Objective Guess):

  • Review — 1: 1 to 4 (Punjab Text Book)
  • Review — 2: 5 to 8 (Punjab Text Book)
  • Review — 3: 9 to 8 (Punjab Text Book)
  • Correct Verbs: Page No. 161 to 166
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