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Chapter 1:

  1. What is the difference between botany and zoology?
  2. Differentiate between cell biology and histology.
  3. What is habitat?
  4. What are parasites?
  5. Define parasitology?
  6. Write down the level of organization in sequence.
  7. Briefly explain tissue level
  8. Is there any division of labor among the cells of a colony?
  9. Define biotechnology.
  10. Differentiate between macromolecule and micro molecules.
  11. What is species write an example.
  12. What is meant by biosphere?
  13. Differentiate between population and community.
  14. Differentiate between cell level and tissue level
  15. Branches of Biology (Important for Both short and long)

Chapter 2:

  1. What is meant by biological methods?
  2. Write two qualities of good hypothesis.
  3. What is meant by deduction?
  4. What is the use of incubation period?
  5. What is the use of quinine?
  6. Differentiate between theory and law?
  7. How the principal of ratio and proportion are used in biological method.
  8. Define qualitative and quantitative observations.
  9. What is difference between control and experimental group?
  10. How data is organized?
  11. Write two examples of biological laws.

Chapter 3:

  1. What is biodiversity?
  2. What is the importance of biodiversity?
  3. Define systematics.
  4. What are the aim of classification?
  5. Define taxonomic Hierarchy and Taxon.
  6. Define species.
  7. What is the simple classification of pea?
  8. What are the bases of five kingdom system?
  9. Write characteristics of Kingdom Monera.
  10. Write two characteristics of Kingdom Plantae.
  11. Differentiate between prions and viroid’s.
  12. What is binomial nomenclature?

Chapter 4:

  1. Differentiate between primary and secondary wall.
  2. What is plasmodesmata? Where are these found in cell?
  3. Describe chemical composition of cell wall of Fungai and prokaryotes.
  4. Differentiate between cell wall and cell membrane.
  5. Differentiate between cell membrane and plasma membrane.
  6. What is fluid mosaic model?
  7. What is meant by thylakoids?
  8. What are function of leucoplasts and chromoplasts?
  9. Describe the structure and function of Golgi apparatus and lysosomes.
  10. What is active transport?
  11. Differentiate between diffusion and facilitated diffusion?
  12. Define diffusion and osmosis.

Chapter 5:

  1. Define cell cycle.
  2. Name two major phase of cell cycle.
  3. Write the importance of G-1 phase.
  4. Explain s-phase in cell cycle.
  5. What is difference between somatic cell and germ line cell?
  6. Define mitosis.
  7. Differentiate between chromatin and chromosomes.
  8. What is mitotic spindle?
  9. What is meant by phragmoplast?
  10. What is G-1 phase and S-phase?
  11. How does cytokinesis differ in plants and animal cells?
  12. What is meant by regeneration? Give and example?

Chapter 6:

  1. Define metabolism.
  2. Define anabolism. Is respiration catabolism? Give example.
  3. Define substrate and product.
  4. Define activation energy.
  5. Write any two characteristics of enzymes.
  6. What are cofactors of an enzyme.
  7. Define prosthetic group?
  8. What is meant by metabolic path way?
  9. Write two use of enzymes.
  10. What is meant by enzymes?

Chapter 7:

  1. Define oxidation and reduction.
  2. What is the function of ATP in cell?
  3. What is meant energy currency of a cell?
  4. Define respiration.
  5. Write down three sub unit of ATP?
  6. Differentiate between light and dark reaction?
  7. Define photosynthesis.
  8. What is cellular respiration?
  9. Differentiate between Aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

Chapter 8:

  1. What are lipids. Write any two types?
  2. What are the health risks if we take more saturated fatty acids in our diet?
  3. Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids?
  4. What are the source of lipids?
  5. Write any four source of lipids?
  6. Differentiate between major mineral and trace mineral?
  7. What is the role of iron in human body?
  8. How the efficiency of vitamin A causes blindness?
  9. Write down the source of vitamin C.
  10. What is scurvy?
  11. Differentiate between soluble and insoluble dietary fibers.

Chapter 9:

  1. What is the role of xylem and phloem tissue in plants life?
  2. What is the function of root hair?
  3. What do you mean by transpiration?
  4. Explain briefly stromal transpiration.
  5. What is meant by lenticels. Write its importance.
  6. What is the function of stomata in plants.
  7. What is transpiration pull?
  8. What is the harmful effect of transpiration?
  9. What is cohesion tension theory?
  10. Define pressure flow mechanism.
  11. What is meant by source and sink.

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