(a project of posted a helpful educational article for students in 10th class which is “10th Physics Guess Paper & Important Questions Chapterwise 2023”. Students doing 10th Class face big difficulty while preparing for 10th Class Physics. brings you the easiest way to prepare 10th Physics all important Short questions with help of this guess article from which students can save their time and will be able to prepare 10th Class Physics very fast.

10th Physics Most Important Short Questions:


  1. Define a simple pendulum and write the formula of its time period.
  2. Write two characteristics of simple harmonic motion.
  3. What arc damped oscillations? Explain it
  4. What is meant by the time period?
  5. How can you define the term wave?
  6. What is meant by the diffraction of waves?
  7. Difference between longitudinal and transverse waves with suitable examples.
  8. Define Ripple tank?
  9. Define wave.
  10. Derive a relation between speed. frequency. and wavelength
  11. Define refraction of waves.
  12. Define longitudinal wave.
  13. What is meant by an electromagnetic wave?
  14. What is meant by compressions?

Unit # 11 (Sound)

  1. What is meant by echo of sound?
  2. What is SONAR?
  3. What is meant by loudness?
  4. Write two factors on which safe level of noise depends?
  5. What is meant by audible frequency range?
  6. Why ultrasound in useful in medical field.
  7. Define pitch 9. Define the intensity of sound.
  8. Difference between frequency and pitch.
  9. Write two characteristics of sound.
  10. Difference between musical sound and noise.
  11. What is the audible frequency range for human ear?
  12. What is tuning fork?
  13. Define mechanical waves and write name of its types.
  14. Define reflection of sound.
  15. Define ultrasonic waves?

Unit # 11 (Electrostatics)

  1. What is electroscope?
  2. How can be identified conductors and insulators by electroscope?
  3. Define variable capacitor and fixed capacitor.
  4. Write two uses of capacitor.
  5. Define coulomb law?
  6. What is meant by electrostatic induction?
  7. Define mica capacitor?
  8. Write any application of electrostatics.
  9. Define the unit of electric field intensity.
  10. Define capacitance.
  11. Define electrical potential.
  12. How does electrostatic induction differ from charging by friction?
  13. Define S.I. unit of capacitance.
  14. If electric intensity a vector quantity what will be its direction.
  15. What do you know about paper capacitor?
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Last Update: September 16, 2023