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10th Chemistry Most Important Short Questions:

  1. Write four properties of bases.
  2. Describe Arrhenius concept of acid and base.
  3. Write down the limitations of Arrhenius concept of acid and base.
  4. Define Amphoteric and give example.
  5. What is difference between conjugate acid and conjugate base?
  6. What is meant by pH. Give its uses.
  7. Write neutralization reaction according to Levies theory.
  8. Why H+ ion act as a Lewis Acid.
  9. Write names and formulae of two mineral acids.
  10. Write two uses of Suphuric and Nitric acid.
  11. Write name of any two acids use in synthesis of fertilizers.
  12. Define pH and what pH of pure water is.
  13. Describe two important characteristics of salts.
  14. Define salt and types of salt.
  15. What is Neutralization? Also give an example.
  16. Write two uses of sodium carbonate.
  17. Define indicator and universal indicator.
  18. What is acid rain?
  19. Name an acid used in the preservation of food.
  20. Difference between Lewis acid and Lewis base.
  21. Write condense formula of any two hydrocarbon.
  22. What are organic compound
  23. What is meant by structure formula? Explain with example
  24. What are aromatic compound? Give an example.
  25. Compare open chain and closed chain compound with example.
  26. How coal is formed.
  27. Define carbonization?
  28. Classification of Coal
  29. Write the importance of Natural gas.
  30. How are alkyl radical formed. Explain with example.
  31. What is functional group give two example.
  32. What is meant by ester linkage?
  33. Define Petroleum
  34. Difference between primary and tertiary alcohol
  35. Define Isomerism.
  36. Difference between aldehyde and ketonic functional group.
  37. What are carbohydrates? Also write general formula.
  38. What is the basic unit of carbohydrates and how are they synthesized?
  39. What is difference between glucose and fructose?
  40. How do you justify that the amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.
  41. What is difference between ghee and oil?
  42. Write down two characteristics of fats.
  43. What is function of DNA?
  44. What is the function of RNA?
  45. Write the source of vitamin A and D.
  46. Write down disease occur by the deficiency of vitamin.
  47. Describe important of vitamin.
  48. How do plants synthesize carbohydrates?

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Last Update: September 16, 2023