(project of posted a helpful educational article for students of 10th class which is “10th Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board Paper Pattern”. Students doing 10th Class face big difficulty while preparation of 10th Class Chemistry. brings you the easiest way to prepare 10th Chemistry all paper & important questions with help of this pairing scheme from which students can save time and will able to prepare 10th Class Chemistry very fast.

The 10th class Chemistry Pairing Scheme/paper pattern is used by all of the Punjabi Boards, including BISE Lahore, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Bahawalpur, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Multan, BISE DG Khan Sahiwal, and BISE Sargodha. Students who may have difficulty remembering different chemical formulas will find this system to be of considerable use. Students can quickly and efficiently focus on crucial concepts by using the 10th Chemistry Pairing Scheme. Each chapter also includes mathematical problems that are required reading for the course. The Chemistry Class 10 Scheme 2023’s theoretical and numerical difficulties serve as the major inspiration for the question pairings. Students can flourish in their studies and are well-prepared for their tests thanks to this method.

Importance of the 10th Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2023:

The 10th chemistry pairing scheme is an important tool for students preparing for the Punjab Board’s 10th-grade chemistry exam in 2023. It provides students with a breakdown of the exam syllabus into different sections, topics, and weightage of marks allocated to each section. It helps students focus on important topics, manage time effectively, reduce stress, and feel more confident about their exam preparation.

MCQ’s Section


Chapter Number.  92 MCQ’sChapter Number. 102 MCQ’s
Chapter Number.  111 MCQChapter Number. 121 MCQ
Chapter Number.  132 MCQ’sChapter Number. 141 MCQ
Chapter Number.  152 MCQ’sChapter Number. 161 MCQ



2. Write short answers to any five (5) questions (MARKS:10)

Chapter Number.  92 QuestionsChapter Number. 114 Questions
Chapter Number.  132 Questions  

3. Write short answers to any five (5) questions. (MARKS: 10)

Chapter Number.  102 QuestionsChapter Number. 122 Questions
Chapter Number.  164 Questions  

4. Write short answers to any five (5) questions. (MARKS: 10)

Chapter Number.  154Chapter Number. 164


Attempt any Two Long Questions.  (Marks: 9 x 2 = 18)

Q5.Chapter Number. 9:(A) Part Long QuestionMarks:5
 Chapter Number. 13:(B) Part Long QuestionMarks:4
Q6.Chapter Number. 10:(A) Part Long QuestionMarks:5
 Chapter Number. 15:(B) Part Long QuestionMarks:4
Q7.Chapter Number. 12:(A) Part Long QuestionMarks:5
 Chapter Number. 16:(B) Part Long QuestionMarks:4

Conclusion & Final Words about 10th Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board Paper Pattern:

According to the 10th grade chemistry exam paper design for 2023, there is an important focus on both theoretical understanding and practical application. The test consists of short answer, long answer, and multiple choice questions, as well as experiments. The range of question types indicates that in order for pupils to succeed, they will need to have a thorough understanding of chemistry.

Overall, the paper format appears to be intended to evaluate students’ capacity for critical thought as well as their comprehension of intricate chemical processes. To succeed on this test, it is essential that students fully comprehend all chemistry-related topics. However, pupils should be able to navigate the exam material with confidence and succeed in getting good grades with enough preparation and study time.

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