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There are many opportunities today if you want to make extra money in your spare time. You can use your phone to watch paid advertisements or try out other tried-and-true methods of making money, such as making use of the top Android and iOS money-making apps. One of the simplest methods to earn additional money online is to watch commercials for money because it doesn’t take any skill and may run in the background while you do other things. Following are the best apps & sites from which you can earn money online by watching ads for free:

1 – Swagbucks Earning by Watching Ads:


Many people pay attention to Swagbucks, which is regarded as one of the top survey and reward websites worldwide. Its greater adaptability compared to many others is one reason for this. You can earn money by doing surveys, playing games, and more in addition to watching advertisements. Even though you won’t become wealthy by watching videos and advertisements on Swagbucks, the extra money does mount up over time, especially when combined with some of the site’s more lucrative features, like its online shopping gateway.

For instance, Swagbucks frequently has cash-back offers on travel websites like Expedia that pay up to 5% if you’re making travel arrangements (and occasionally more). These larger purchases are an excellent way to quickly accumulate reward points. These points, known as SBs, can be exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can also receive a $10 sign-up bonus after making a $25 purchase through the cash-back shopping site.

2 – PrizeRebel Earning by Watching Ads:

An online membership rewards program called PrizeRebel pays you to watch video advertisements, respond to surveys, test out products, and recommend friends. Since 2007, the website has paid over $22 million to its users, and it is accessible in several nations around the world, including the Philippines, the United States, and Canada.

Payment methods:

You can exchange your points for gift cards or PayPal cash. Minimum payout requirement: For an Amazon gift card, for instance, redemption begins at $2.

3 – InboxDollars Earning by Watching Ads:

Another popular, genuine service is InboxDollars, which has paid out more than $59 million to its users since it launched in 2000. According to The Penny Hoarder, watching advertisements, movie trailers, app trailers, and other videos on the website can earn you up to $225 each month. According on our investigation and testing for our InboxDollars review, that sum appears to be the upper end of the possible range. With regular use, we predict the average person can make $25 to $50 per month.

Similar to Swagbucks, you can get paid to do surveys, print and use coupons, shop online, browse the web, and read emails. Also, if you enjoy playing video games, you may earn money by doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, solitaire, chess, and arcade games. Also, you’ll receive $5 simply for signing up. The only disadvantage of Swagbucks, despite the positive evaluations for the service, is that you need $30 in your account before you can request a payment. There is no minimum withdrawal amount with Swagbucks, and the majority of its cash-out options start at just $3.

4 – FusionCash Earning by Watching Ads:

This one was last on my list because it does pay viewers to watch videos. It is extremely constrained, and you must always keep the window open and visible. FusionCash, however, offers a different option for you to get money by watching films. Instead of those lengthy, endless surveys, there are now 18 other websites where you can watch movies.

Many websites will reward you with a $5 or $10 bonus just for joining up, which is an added incentive! The quickest way to earn money towards your gift card or cash is to complete the “Daily Tasks” that many of these websites have usually just five things to earn referral bonuses, refer friends to the program, and then leave the videos running while you complete other tasks, work online, or browse the web. Every day, go through each app or website or save one day for just that one. You will eventually receive free cash and gift cards in plenty.

5 – Nielsen Computer & Mobile Software Earning by Watching Ads:

Install the Nielsen PC and mobile panel software to earn up to $50 a year. After the app is installed, you are paid to use the internet as you typically would watching videos, browsing, shopping, and more.

Payment methods:

  1. Purchase gift cards with points.
  2. $5 is the minimum payout amount.
  3. Members can also enter the monthly sweepstakes, where they can win up to $10,000.

6 – MyPoints Earning by Watching Ads:

MyPoints is a good resource for earning money by watching advertising. You may watch interesting videos on the Golden Globes and Hollywood rumors, among other things. The platform’s videos have a low pay-per-view ratio, which is an issue. On the website, there are numerous options to get extra money, most of which pay higher. You can get money from your interests by traveling, using coupons, playing video games, and completing internet surveys.

After completing five surveys, you’ll receive a $5 sign-up incentive. In addition, since the minimum payment is simply a few dollars (depending on the option you select), it’s simple to earn free gift cards, miles, or PayPal cash in a matter of minutes.

7 – Earning Station Earning by Watching Ads:

Another survey website with additional content. You can also play games, browse specials, print coupons, play games, shop, and watch movies on EarningStation. There is an iOS app, but I can’t find it anywhere, and there is an Android app that is available. But, you can have the website open in a browser and use a different tab to continue surfing or working while watching movies.

8 – InstaGC Earning by Watching Ads:

You may earn gift cards from InstaGC by watching advertisements, doing surveys, conducting online searches, and shopping online. As the name implies, when a payout request is made, you quickly receive your gift cards.

Payment methods:

There are more than 330 different gift cards available. There are also options for PayPal cards and Visa prepaid cards.

9 – CashCrate Earning by Watching Ads:

A daily “check in” and offers, surveys, shopping, and referrals can all be found on this small-task website. CashCrate pays you to watch videos, but there is a small catch: at the end of the film, you must input the two digits that are flashed over the screen while the video is playing in order to receive credit.

10 – Ibotta Earning by Watching Ads:

Ibotta is a bit more complicated to use than other get-paid-to-watch apps because you can’t just click “Play” and wait for the movie to start. However, compared to other options on this list, it does provide some of the best rewards for work. You launch the app after making an account to seek in-store deals you wish to take advantage of. For instance, you might see an offer for $2 cash back when you purchase a particular brand of yogurt or $1 cash back on any loaf of bread.

You can see an illustration of an offer for $3 cash back on any three boxes of cereal in the screenshot below: Several of Ibotta’s cash-back promotions are valid at all retailers. You’ll need to click a button to add the offers to your account in order to be eligible for this cash-back. You may also be required to view a brief video ad in some circumstances. (That’s typically the situation with the best offers.) Ibotta is still one of the finest methods to save money at the grocery store even if it was initially just a cash-back app for groceries. But, the app has lately added more opportunities to earn rewards, including through online purchasing and by connecting your store loyalty cards. Just remember to take your receipt with you! You must take a picture of it in order to receive your rewards.

11 – Perk Earning by Watching Ads:

Perk is the name of a number of distinct Apps that do a variety of tasks, including shopping, quizzes, scratch-and-win games, television check-ins, and watching movies. This amazing app for watching videos and earning money is called PerkTV. Via their video app, I have claimed roughly $50 in Amazon gift cards. Formerly, you could leave it running all night without any interruptions, but lately, they’ve started to check to see if you’re still viewing.

12 – Fusion Cash Earning by Watching Ads:

You get paid by this rewards site to see advertisements, play games, complete surveys, and refer friends and family. Since its start in 2005, Fusion Cash has given its users over $1.5 million. Payable in three ways: via check, PayPal, and wire transfer. $25 is the minimum payout threshold.

13 – Viggle Earning by Watching Ads:

One of Perk’s apps is Viggle, which is excellent to use if you use streaming services or television a lot. Just start your TV show, set the app to “listen,” and when the right show starts, check-in and set it aside. It occasionally plays videos, but you can just set your phone down and watch TV without it. To restart, tune in to a different show.

14 – Dabbl Earning by Watching Ads:

You can select the brands you contact on the popular (but now defunct) Adjoy app’s creators’ online rewards program, Dabbl. Theoretically, this results in a more engaging experience than applications that make assumptions about your interests in ads based on your demographics and past app usage.

Although (like with many of the options on this list) doing so earned very little, we discovered numerous ways to make money by watching commercials while conducting research for our Dabbl review. By the conclusion of our experiment, we had only made $0.74 an hour. But, the app is simple to use, has a low $5 minimum cash-out, and provides extra options to increase your earnings.

15 – AdFun Earning by Watching Ads:

The remainder of the ones I’ve mentioned are absolutely unrelated to this website and App. On this website, bid on prizes. You can work in groups or alone, interact with teammates and friends online, and get paid to view movies in order to place bids. You can choose the sponsor you want to win rewards from, among other options. In essence, you watch movies to “earn money” that you can use to bid on prizes.

16 – iRazoo App Earning by Watching Ads:

One of the most well-known rewards systems online is iRazoo. By watching videos on iRazoo TV and leaving comments on commercials and movie trailers, site users can earn points. In addition to having access to more than 50 video channels, you may earn money by achieving daily objectives and reading emails.

Payment methods:

Pick from a variety of gift cards or use PayPal to convert your points to cash. The minimum payout amount is $5, or 3,000 iRazoo points.

17 – AppNana Earning by Watching Ads:

You can perform a variety of actions on the platform using AppNana to get points (also known as “Nanas”) in return. This covers daily app opens, ad viewing, friend recommendations, and free app downloads. When you acquire enough Nanas, you can buy paid apps with them or redeem them for a free Amazon gift card. Redeeming at least 30,000 Nanas, or $1, is necessary.

About 500,000 people have reviewed their Android app, which has a 4.3 rating on Google Play. Verified reviews and the overall consensus on the well-known r/BeerMoney subreddit, where users share their opinions on websites and apps that help them make money, appear to suggest that AppNana is not worth your time.

Conclusions (What to do next?)

You can get paid to watch advertisements, app trailers, and other sorts of brief video content by using the websites mentioned above. It’s also not the worst way to use a few minutes of your free time if you appreciate the material you’re watching. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that your hourly wages will be quite modest – in the best-case scenario, they’ll probably be between $1 and $2.

You must also reach the minimum withdrawal threshold for each site in order to see any money in your bank account. That minimum is $5 or less on certain websites (like Swagbucks), which is appropriate. But, the minimum withdrawal amount on certain websites might reach $20 or $30, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever make that much just by watching videos. The bottom conclusion is that this isn’t among the best ways to make money online. For better choices, check out our list of the top money-making applications. Auditing movie theatres for a living is a more legitimate, video-based side job that can pay well per hour. Our mystery shopping primer contains further information on how to get started.

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