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Do you get tired of wasting your free time & looking at social media or playing games on your mobile phones that have no value in them? It is a very good time for you to make good use of extra time with the eating apps that are described in this blog post. Before we go into deep, understand how to identify the legit ones rather than just imitations out there.

Through this article, we will take you through several legal & legit free mobile apps that can make real money for you without any investment at all. From doing surveys, watching videos, and a lot more online shopping, these mobile applications offer many ways to increase your earnings. On top of that, the presence of mobile payment platforms such as GCash and PayPal has made withdrawals a whole lot easier nowadays.

So, let us look for some good apps that students from the Philippines can use and earn legit money on them.

1 – Clickworker (Legit Earning App)


Clickworker offers various small tasks for individuals looking to make a quick buck. While typically accessed via desktop or laptop, Clickworker also has a handy mobile app, perfect for users who are always on the move­. The mobile app mirrors the we­b version, featuring tasks like photo and vide­o uploads, taking surveys, categorizing data, writing short articles, and more­. These jobs are straightforward and pe­rfect for anyone – no particular skills require­d. A notable feature of the­ Clickworker app is its straightforward payment system.

Additionally, Clickworker offers referral bonuses to motivate users to refer others to join the platform. This information was stated in the given paragraph. If someone signs up through your referral link and earns at least €10, both you and the new user will each get a €5 bonus. This referral program can be a good way to boost your earnings by referring friends, family, or acquaintances to Clickwork.

In short, the Clickworker app lets pe­ople make money by doing simple­ tasks on their phones. The re­gular payment schedule and re­ferral bonuses of Clickworker make­s it easy and possibly profitable for folks to suppleme­nt their online income.

2 – Kumu (Legit Earning App)


Kumu is a widely used social networking app where users can connect with friends, participate in live streams, and discover various content. It stands out by having features that allow its users to earn rewards, making it more than just a regular social media platform. Users can communicate with friends and other users via messaging, sharing posts, and following each other, hence creating a sense of community. 

Kumu enables users to stream live video content to their followers and engage in real-time through comments, likes, and digital gifts. In addition, the app provides a variety of contents such as live streams, videos, interactive games, and community events. Users will earn Kumu coins and diamonds by actively engaging with the platform in which these can be redeemed for real money. To withdraw earnings, users need to accumulate a minimum amount of 50,000 diamonds or ₱750 first. 

All in all, Kumu is dynamic and interactive with social networking, where users can earn rewards and make a living by doing their activities.

3 – TGM Panel Philippines (Legit Earning App)

TGM Panel Philippines
TGM Panel Philippines

TGM Panel Philippines is an online platform that provides market research activities for Philippine people. It links up the market researchers with the consumers, allowing consumers to participate in surveys, focus groups, and product testing. Participants can earn incentives and sometimes cash, with the typical rewards being from $0.25 to $3.25.

Higher rewards are given for more involved activities. To cash out earnings, users need to reach the minimum withdrawal limit of $10, which they can do through different payment options. TGM Panel Philippines is famous for being a reliable online survey company that offers fast and fair rewards. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface, with notifications about available surveys and opportunities.

In general, TGM Panel Philippines provides a legitimate and easier way of earning incentives and rewards to people by giving their opinions and feedback through market research activities.

4 – Panel Place (Legit Earning App)

Panel Place

PanelPlace is an information platform that links the users with the paid survey panels and provides them with the chance to participate and get paid. The app is available for both the Android and also iOS, and it offers a variety of panels such as Toluna and Opinion World, to name a few. PanelPlace operates as the market place for both the survey panels and survey-takers, providing a single platform to explore opportunities and also enhance the visibility for panels.

The user-friendly interface allows the members to be able to access the surveys, track earnings and also manage their activities with ease. In addition, the app sends alerts about the new survey opportunities, thus keeping the users notified on the available latest chances to earn prizes.

Overall, PanelPlace offers a tool that makes it very easy and fast for the people who are interested in the survey taking to earn some money.

5 – Sweatcoin (Legit Earning App)


Sweatcoin is a mobile application that rewards walking by converting the steps into Sweatcoins, that is, a virtual currency. The app works by counting the number of strides a user takes using their smartphone’s inbuilt step counter. For every 1000 steps users acquire approximately 0.95 Sweatcoins, which makes inactive breaks throughout the day very undesirable. 

Sweatcoins can be earned by ensuring that the app is running in the background whilst they are doing various physical activities. Users can exchange their Sweatcoins for many rewards and prizes, such as discounts on products/services, freebies, gadgets, and experiences. Moreover, the app has a marketplace where the users can see the reward and prize list available, including fitness gear, apparel, tech gadgets, and wellness service vouchers. 

Additionally, the users can exchange their Sweatcoins for cryptocurrency, giving them the option to invest or trade their earnings in the crypto market. Sweatcoin integrates various social elements to improve the user engagement, providing users the opportunity to connect with friends, participate in various challenges, and compete against each other to earn more Sweatcoins. 

The app gives the top priority to the privacy of the users and their data security. It uses encryption and also other methods to protect the personal information.

6 – Surveys Offers (Legit Earning App)

Surveys Offers
Surveys Offers

Surveys offers a mobile application to take part in the surveys and provide feedback to these businesses. The platform acts as a link between the companies looking for consumer insight and the individuals ready to provide their opinion in return for a reward. Users can select several surveys depending on the topics and industries of interest and of the different lengths and levels of complexity. Users can earn rewards in the form of points or cash having an average earning of a few pesos to 0.5 dollars per survey completed. To withdraw earnings, the users must have a minimum of ₱200 in the account. The app provides several payment options, such as wire transfers, e-wallets or any other financial services.

The user experience is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that participation is straightforward and accessible to a wide range of users. Data privacy and security are prioritized, with encryption and other security measures employed to safeguard user data. Customer support is available through various channels, including email, in-app messaging, or FAQs.

Milieu Surveys provides a platform for individuals to voice their opinions and contribute to market research efforts while earning rewards for their participation. By bridging the gap between businesses and consumers, the app facilitates valuable insights that can inform decision-making processes and improve products and services in the market.

7 – Streetbees (Legit Earning App)


Streetbees is a mobile application where users can make money by fulfilling brief tasks like questioners and sharing of products or services experiences. The app offers two types of tasks: surveys, which are short and can be done quickly, and photo/video sharing, where users take photos or videos related to specific products or services. The tasks can be finished within 2 to 5 mins, with pay varying in accordance with the difficulty and length of the tasks. 

People get real money for completing the tasks that can be transferred to their account through PayPal or bank transfer. Streetbees can be used on both Android and IOS platforms, which gives a user-friendly interface and notifications when new tasks are available. App puts emphasis on data privacy and provides an opportunity for community participation through comments and discussions. 

In general, Streetbees enables users to earn extra income by sharing their opinions and experiences via short tasks on their mobile devices.

8 – Super Vank (Legit Earning App)

Super Vank

Super Vank is a mobile investment application through which users can invest and exchange Energy Currency (EC) for cash on both Android and iOS platforms. The app provides diverse investment opportunities so that users can raise EC holdings and enjoy profits. EC is the main currency for investments on the platform, and users can invest their EC in various assets and opportunities. 

The app also has a referral program in which users share referral codes to receive a bonus or initial EC to start investing. The main goal of SuperVank is to present a user friendly interface and security measures to protect the users’ accounts and transactions. The app also includes community and social components where users interact with each other, exchange investment ideas, and discuss market developments. The development team is offering regular upgrades and support for optimization, new features addition, and bug fixes.

In brief, the main objective of SuperVank is to democratize investment by providing a simple and intuitive way to invest in EC and achieving potential returns.

9 – Linkpay (Legit Earning App)


Linkpay is an online payment solution that enables the businesses to receive payments without a dedicated website. It has multi-payment options like the credit cards, QR codes, and also e-wallets, which improves the convenience and flexibility. Linkpay does not have a dedicated website, which makes it suitable for the businesses that mostly conduct their business through the digital channels. Its seamless integration with the existing system provides for a much better set up process.

The security of online transactions is very crucial, and Linkpay employs sophisticated encryption tools and also compliance regulations to ensure the confidential customer data. The friendly user interface is improving the payment process as a whole, creating slicker transitions and increasing the conversion rate to repeat transactions. Linkup also provides personalized plans that integrate the branding, pricing plans, and also extra features that the businesses need. This full-fledged, flexible payment system is very vital for driving the growth and also success in the digital space.

10 – Qun Qun (Legit Earning App)

Qun Qun
Qun Qun

QunQun is a decentralized social media platform that rewards users for interacting or being engaged with other users. It runs on both the Android and iOS systems and it uses Qun tokens for its reward system. Users earn Qun tokens through content creation, liking, commenting and bonding. These tokens can be exchanged for different rewards, thus forming a live platform. 

QunQun employs the gamification method for social networks to inspire users to engage in activities to receive rewards and rise in community rank. The platform also puts an accent on community building, giving users a possibility to join various communities or even make their own. The process of decentralization gives users more possibilities on analyzing objective data and outcomes emerging in random manner that is especially essential with regards to privacy and security issues. QunQun offers a niche social media experience where incentivized engagement, community building, gamification, and decentralization are merged.

11 – Snapcart (Legit Earning App)


Snapcart app gives out cashback rewards for the photos of the receipts of everyday purchases that users scan. The process consists of running the app, taking the necessary photo and then uploading it. The cashback amount may differ according to the products you buy and the promotions. After which the users can upload their receipt to the app, which might have a verification process to usher in the transaction. Snapcart can be found in the Philippines and Indonesia right now.

The idea of launching it to other regions is still on the table. The app has a user-friendly interface making the navigation easy, and the cashback rewards, transaction histories, and also promotions accessible. Options for payment are bank transfers, mobile wallets, or even gift cards. The primary concern of Snapcart is the users’ privacy and security whereby the sensitive data is encrypted, secure payment processing occurs, and the platform follows the relevant privacy regulations.

Generally, Snapcart is a very convenient way for the users in the Philippines and also Indonesia to earn cashback rewards by simply taking pictures of their receipts.

12 – Pera Swipe (Legit Earning App)

Pera Swipe
Pera Swipe

Pera Swipe is an Android app that gives the users a special method to earn the rewards and cashback. App changes the default lock screen with a custom interface and shows many personalized ads. Users can make money redemption by swiping or unlocking their phones, since each swipe brings a very small amount of cash. 

The app also gives FREE SIM load, users can use it to top up their pre-paid phones at no cost. Beyond lock screen ads, Pera Swipe offers also many cashback offers and discounts for making purchases on the popular e-commerce sites such as Lazada. A user friendly interface is very simple to work with and lets the users modify their lock screen experience. Pera Swipe provides a sense of community among its many users through different engagement avenues including surveys and video watching. The app safeguards the users’ privacy through protecting the personal information and providing unobtrusive ads. 

For all, Pera Swipe is an easy, yet efficient way for the Android users to earn rewards and save money by simply using their smartphone every day.

13 – Grab (Legit Earning App)


Grab, a well-known Southeast Asian super app, started offering a ride-hailing and food delivery but later extended its services to the different parts of life. This application provides many ride hailing, food delivery, groceries, package deliveries, mobile payments, and also financial services. Drivers and delivery partners can make a lot of money by taking rider request and also delivery requests for food and packages. The Grab earnings are very dependent on factors such as the number of trips completed, the time spent on the platform and distance traveled. The average Grab driver earns ₱37,000 in the Philippines.

The app enables convenience with its intuitive features such as booking rides, ordering food, making the payment and also managing transactions. It concentrates on the safety and security, having such things as driver background checks, real-time tracking and also secure payment systems among others. Originally launching in Malaysia, Grab has since expanded its operations throughout the Southeast Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. In spite of its many competitors in the ride-hailing and delivery services, Grab has kept a very strong market position and also a very good brand name that is considered an innovator for continuous improvement and service diversification.

14 – Math Cash (Legit Earning App)

Math Cash
Math Cash – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

Math Cash is a mobile app for the Android platform, where users can get paid for completing arithmetic equations. The app works on a competitive basis where the users compete to solve the mathematical problems precisely and quickly. The app offers a sequence of arithmetic tasks, starting from the simple operations of addition and subtraction to advanced calculations such as multiplication and division. Players compete in real-time with the other players, aiming to get the highest score. 

A points system is given based on the correctness and also good performance of solving the arithmetic expressions, with the rate increased for the faster answers. Math Cash gives many money as prizes to the users who obtain the extraordinary points in the contests. The app supports a range of payment options, such as the PayPal transfers, digital gift cards, as well as other online payment platforms. The user interface is very user friendly with features for accessing the many challenges, viewing the leaderboards, the tracking of earnings, and account settings management. The app also promotes the community with features like leaderboards, chat forums, and social media integration.

15 – Morgan Stanley (Legit Earning App)

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

The Morgan Stanley app is a mobile application that allows clients to have easy access to their financial accounts and services. It provides account management, trading platforms, wealth management tools, research and insights, secure communication, notifications and alerts, account customization, educational resources, support and assistance, and strong security features.

The app enables users to see balances, holdings, and transaction history, track investments in real-time, carry out trades in many financial markets, and manage their financial objectives. It also gives you access to Morgan Stanley’s research reports, market insights and investment recommendations. It also has secure messaging and communication channels for clients to connect with their financial advisors and support staff.

In a nutshell, Morgan Stanley app aims to offer a complete package in handling finances, smart investing, and accessing personalized financial advice and services on the go.

16 – Photon Pong (Legit Earning App)

Photon Pong
Photon Pong – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

Photon Pong is a mobile app that mixes fun and money making prospects as it rewards users with prizes for playing the game. The game requires controlling a bouncing ball is performed using a tilt option. App features a unique earning method which is based on Litecoin as its payment method. At first, Photon Pong is only on the Android platform where it caters to the many users. 

Monetization involves ads, in-app purchases and exchange or Litecoin service partnerships. The app encourages a dynamic player base that exchanges tips and stories. Security is instilled to protect the users’ income and personal information. If the app gains traction, developers possibly will extend updates and upgrades for smoother gameplay, new features or other cryptocurrencies for earning.

17 – Buzz Break (Legit Earning App)

Buzz Break
Buzz Break – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

BuzzBreak is an Android application for users to get rewards while interacting with content, i.e. news articles, videos and quizzes. Users get points by spending time on the app and engaging with content: reading articles, watching videos, liking posts and taking quizzes or surveys. 

The more an user is involved, the more points he/she acquires. BuzzBreak’s reward system enables users to redeem points for either cash or rewards which are generally converted from points to real-world currency or gift cards. This quick method of making out of the available online time fits the demography of people who love to scan through articles, watch videos, and fill in some quizzes while bagging points. 

In total, BuzzBreak is an excellent pick for Android users seeking to boost their web browsing.

18 – Pocket Cash App (Legit Earning App)

Pocket Cash App
Pocket Cash App – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

Pocket Cash App is a mobile app which allows its users to make some cash via different methods. Users earn coins playing games, watching videos and also recruiting friends to the app. The profits span from 10 to 50 coins per activity. Users can cash out their earnings once they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 3,000 coins or ₱8 via GCash. The app allows cash outs through GCash, one of the well known mobile wallet platforms in the Philippines.

The app is perceived as very real as it provides a way to legitimately make some money. Yet, users should exercise care and comprehend the terms and conditions of the app. The app’s user interface is very user-friendly, the instructions on how to earn and also withdraw the money being easily understandable. It can also introduce the gamification aspects to keep them engaged. 

In general, Pocket Cash App offers an easy place where the users can make money by playing games, watching videos and doing referrals.

19 – Premise (Legit Earning App)

Premise – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

Premise is a great mobile application where the users can earn cash by carrying out some simple missions such as taking pictures, filling out some forms and providing feedback. The app’s location-based task system enables the users to complete the tasks which are dependent on their geographical location thus harnessing the power of crowdsourcing to collect the data and information from various regions.

The dynamic approach keeps the tasks interesting and therefore Premise gets a lot of invaluable data from the different locations. The app is primarily targeted at the Android users therefore it has a lot of users from across the globe. Premise’s location-based tasks that have easy-to-use interface make it a very nice alternative for those who would like to earn extra cash via their smartphones. The app popularity is amid its large footprint in the Android around the world.

20 – Bitcoin Blast (Legit Earning App)

Bitcoin Blast
Bitcoin Blast – Best Legit Earning Apps through Gcash Without Investment 2024

Bitcoin Blast is, in fact, a mobile game app that has lots of gaming and also crypto rewards combined together. Users perform puzzles, challenges, and also arcade game within the application, the main incentive for it is the opportunity to earn bitcoin. The app subsequently bears Loyalty Points which a user accumulates and which can be later exchanged for the bitcoin.

Once accumulated, the virtual balance can be converted into the real cryptocurrency. The forefront speaks of the app’s promotional material referring to the number of bitcoin earned per session as small but increases the more the user plays. The application is centered on a fun and engaging user experience, securing and guaranteeing users’ details and digital assets. Furthermore, in this game, the users network with each other to exchange tips, techniques, and feedback on their experiences, which improves the user’s engagement and is also beneficial for the developers and other gamers.

All in all, Bitcoin Blast provides innovative and also potentially cash-rewarding gameplay for the users who want to make money by playing mobile games with Bitcoin.

Tips for getting Success with Earning Apps through GCash in Philippines:

  • Making money with GCash-integrated apps can be a very lucrative job. Nevertheless, to earn the most, you must also incorporate a very systematic and thorough strategy. Here are some valuable tips that can help you achieve success: The location of the accident was very far from the hospital.
  • Choose the Right Apps: Choosing the right earning apps is the beginning of many success. Find apps that are dependable, renowned and have a proven history of general payments. Do research and read reviews to be certain that you are putting your money and energy in the right platform.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Goals must be realistic when working with the earnings apps. Realize that theses apps can be an additional source of income, but not an alternative for a regular job. Have attainable aims that go along with your time limitations and the required salary.
  • Be Consistent: Consistency is what makes the earning apps – very good, and consistent. Dedicate a daily or a weekly time to study these apps. Consider it a part-time job, and be consistent with it. Through consistency, your chance of earning a lot more is increased.
  • Explore Multiple Apps: Don’t just use one earning app. Seek out and utilize various GCash integrated applications to expand the variety of cash incomes streams. Thus, you will reach the highest earning potential and find the apps that suit you the most.
  • Stay Updated: Stay on top of the new earning apps and also opportunities. Join relevant online communities, forums, and also social media groups to stay in the know with the latest trends and apps to make more through GCash.


In the Philippines, earning apps are of the utmost importance as they present easy ways to generate extra money and also ensure the financial security. GCash serves as the main tool in the conducting of smooth transactions and many financial activities, seamlessly integrating with the different legitimate earning apps. Users can enjoy a diverse range of earning opportunities, from online surveys to freelance work, at a zero cost.

The security and privacy measures of GCash bring a lot of calmness when doing a transaction. Readers are invited to make use of the various legal money-making apps accessible from GCash, irrespective of whether they are students, housewives, or full time employees. By committing time and resources into these platforms, having no upfront investment, the users create an income potential. Readers may now begin their personal quest toward financial independence, thanks to the GCash-enabled income applications.

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