California: The Stories feature introduced by Instagram has become extremely popular with users. Users enjoy sharing their normal life on stories that have this 24-hour duration.

Now, this photo-sharing application is working on a feature that will not make content makers happier. The Instagram app is working on its new Stories layout. After posts shared in stories will be printed after a certain number.

A Brazilian Instagram user marked the thing through the techno blog that only three of the stories shared by other users in the Instagram app were showing up. Users can currently post 100 stories at a time. Despite this expected change, the number of posts has not changed, but users who have received its update will have to press the “Show All” button to view the remaining stories.

Otherwise, the app will move to other user stories. Doing so on Instagram will make a big difference to the way Stories work. The bad news for content creators is that none of their posts will likely have many views after the third post.

On the other hand, limiting the number of stories offered in the app to three will allow users to see more people’s posts in less time. And if someone’s content doesn’t seem interesting, they’ll move on. Currently, the update for the new Stories layout seems to have been released to only a small group of users, indicating that the change from Instagram is still in the testing stages.

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Last Update: April 16, 2023