New Dhali: The Indian company has created a new record by connecting 24,679 diamonds to a ring, the most diamonded ring, and weighing more than a paw. The pink oyster mushroom-shaped ring was designed with a 3D printer, completed by May 5, 2022, and has now been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, formally confirming it.

The ring was made by a firm called SWA Diamond, whose manager Abdul Ghafoor Anadayan said it was named ‘Amy’. The Sanskrit word means immortality whose beauty has been appreciated by designers and jewelry experts around the world. According to SWA, the ring has been expertly fitted with thousands of small and big diamonds aimed at promoting the company’s brand.

World record set for more than 24000 diamonds on the ring
World record set for more than 24000 diamonds on the ring

However, diamonds are made to look clear and enhance beauty. Before designing it, a pattern was molded into a plastic mold. But it has been designed with the help of a computer and many experts have made it a dream reality in three months. When a raw mold was made from a 3D printer, liquid gold was made on it and when it cooled down, 41 leaves appeared around the mushrooms. However, before the Guinness Book of World Records, neutral experts saw it, made experimental observations, and awarded it the highest diamond ring. The ring weighs 340 grams and costs a little more than $95,000.

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Last Update: April 16, 2023