What is Elfy & why we use it?

Elfy is a Super Glue mostly used in Pakistan to joint broken objects like plastic, glass and other hard objects. This is most popular super glue brand used in Pakistan.

How we can remove Elfy/Super Glue from our hands, plastic or skin?

Sometimes, while putting Elfy on broken things to joint them, some amount of Elfy accidently thrown on our hands, plastic, skin or glass. But we can remove this this superglue very easily by following these steps:

  • Wash Your Hands with water, or any object from which you want to remove elfy.
  • Take some amount of Nail Paint remover and wet a cotton piece with it.
  • Gently rub this cotton piece on particular part of your hand, plastic, skin or anything from which you want to remove elfy/superglue.
  • The elfy will removed easily from infected portion very fast.
  • After removing elfy, wash hands with water.

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