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Why Eyebrows are important for beauty:

Part of the beauty of the eyes is the eyebrow, which must be beautiful and in shape. The eyebrow also resembles an eye frame, and as long as the propeller is not in the right shape for your eyes, there is a reduction in the size of the eye.

How Eyebrows problem started:

Most women do not pay attention to eyebrows during make-up. It is not good. Normal and black eyebrows become comfortable. There is no problem in shaping them. When John’s typical eye grows, it takes time to shape him. Shaping them takes more time than fear. Most women like arch shape and it takes a long time to give arch shape because they are shaped according to the eyes.

How to make Eyebrows Easily at home:

Threading is used to make eyebrows. A special type of thread is used for this. You can also create from common threads. But it is better to use only “I” brown thread. In addition, some women make eyebrows through Vazini. Both eyebrows should be in the same shape and the caregiver cares.

Brown should be made according to his eyes. For example, if your eyes are normal, you can take them in an arch shape from one end of the eye to the other. If there is a gap between your eyes, start your eyebrow brown near the nasal bone and draw the eyebrow line to the other side of the eye, ie round shape. That way your eyes will look closer to each other from a reasonable distance. If your eye is light brown, you can highlight it with a black or brown pencil. There are three types of eyebrows that most women like.

Eyebrows Banane ka asaan Tarika | How to make Eyebrows Easily

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